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TRIP-PROJECT.COM – How does it work ?


Projet Voyage is a travel platform where travelers, both individuals and groups, can easily find the agency they can trust with the planning of their trip to more than 150 destinations in the world.

You need to select your destination or the type of travel you wish to plan. You will then be redirected towards an online form, where you will need to fill in the information the agencies will need to prepare the offer.

Using the information you provide in the form, Projet Voyage automatically sorts through the list of agencies registered on the travel platform and forwards your request to all travel agencies who could send you an offer. You will receive offers from those agencies who can plan the travel you wish to take. Compare the offers, choose the one that you like best and pack your bags !


STEP 1 : Your travel project

You want to take a trip, discover a country, relax on a paradise-like island… Don’t waste any time looking for travel offers on the internet and let us handle the research. In order to do this, there is nothing more simple, tell us about your travel plans, by filling in our form, which will take you only a few minutes…


STEP 2 : Send your request

Once your travel plans sent, we will take care of transferring your request to our partners, based on the particularities (proposed destination, travel type…). That way, only the agencies able to reply will receive your request.


STEP 3 : Receive personalized offers

After having received your request, our partner agencies will work on your project in order to send you a personalized offer, based on your specifications. You will then receive one or more offers from those agencies able to plan your travel.


STEP 4 : Choose the travel agency

Compare the received offers and choose the travel agency that best meets your expectations. Everything at the best price and without intermediaries !



How will you benefit as a traveller ?


  • You will have access to a network of over 500 agencies in more than 150 destinations around the world
  • By filling in one single form, you will send your request to multiple agencies, carrefully chosen
  • There is no commission added to the price of the travel
  • All matter related to the planning of your travel will be directly discussed with the agency whose offer you have chosen
  • All travel agencies registered on our platform are travel professionals, specialists of the destinations they propose

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