General Terms of Use –

(for Users and Visitors)

The present General Terms of Use govern all legal relationship


PROJETVOYAGE SRL, hereinafter referred to as « Projet Voyage » company with a share capital of 25.000€, whose head office is located in Bucharest (ROMANIA), Decebal Bld, 4, 3rd District, registered with the Registry of Commerce of Bucharest under number J40/8772/09.06.2017, having the fiscal identification number: 37723910


All User/Visitor of ProjetVoyage travel platform, hereinafter referred to as “The User” or “The Visitor”

1.Description de la plateforme Projet Voyage

1.1. Definitions

1.1.1. ProjetVoyage is an online travel platform, connecting travelers (visitors/users of the platform) to travel professionals (Travel Agencies).

1.1.2.The Users/Visitors are travelers – individuals using the website of ProjetVoyage, interested in finding a Travel Agency to plan their next travel or to send a travel inquiry for the planning of their travel. The Projet Voyage travel platform is meant to be used by individuals over the age of 18. In order to use the website, the Users represent and warrant, under their own responsibility, that this conditions is met.

1.1.3.The Travel Agencies are travel professionals registered with the Registry of Commerce and Companies in their country of residence.

1.1.3.The travel inquiries are requests registered by the Users for their travel plans, in order to receive customized offers from the Travel Agencies.


1.2.  General description of the travel platform

1.2.1.The visitors (Users) of can either search for Travel Agencies and incoming Travel Agencies in over 150 destinations around the world, or simply send their travel project and receive personalized offers. In order to send a travel inquiry, the visitors (the Users) of can simply fill in the travel inquiry form available on the website. A Travel Agency registered on this website will have access to the travel inquiries sent by the Users, matching the agency’s profile.

1.3.  Website’s accessibility

1.3.1.The website is generally available 24h/24, 7/7 for its Users as well as for the Travel Agencies registered on the travel platform. Nevertheless ProjetVoyage will not be held responsible for the website’s discontinuity and its services, in particular for maintenance and updating purposes.

1.3.2. ProjetVoyage can decide at any moment the suspension or the partial or total closure, without any liability. ProjetVoyage can restrict, suspend or prohibit the access of the Users that does not meet the present conditions or if it is harmful in any way for ProjetVoyage.


1.4. Registration and Access

1.4.1.In order to send a travel inquiry on, no registration is required.


2.Intellectual property rights of data and other information

2.1.ProjetVoyage S.R.L. is the holder of the concept, of the rights related to the website’s structure, as well as of the texts and he visuals comprised on ProjetVoyage.

2.2.All element provided by each Travel Agency registered on ProjetVoyage (agency’s name, logo, photos, text, articles) is the property of the Travel Agency. ProjetVoyage accepts no responsibility whatsoever with regard to the accuracy of the information provided by the agencies registered on ProjetVoyage on the website and/or in the offers sent by the Travel Agency to the customer.

2.3.ProjetVoyage will not be held responsible for the articles published by the Travel Agencies on the Blog of ProjetVoyage.

2.4.If the User believes its intellectual property has been unfairly copied, please contact us by email at


  1. Website’s use limits

3.1. The User is not authorized to use the website or its services for any reason or unlawful, defamatory, harmful, offensive or objectionable purpose, to distribute or disseminate to, from or via the website any unlawful information, especially:

  1. Any data that belongs to a third-party, especially trademarks and copyrighted data (other that those for which the User has a license);
  2. All content which is incorrect, defamatory, obscene, racist or full of hatred;
  3. All content designed to harass third-parties or violate privacy;
  4. All content encouraging violence, crime, suicide, hate speech, for reasons such as racial, ethnic or nationality differences;
  5. All content that could offend underaged persons or attack human dignity;
  6. Any content paying tribute to or denying the Holocaust.


3.2. In the event of non-compliance, ProjetVoyage reserves the right to delete the travel inquiries.


  1. Third-party sites

4.1. No reference to products, services, processes, links of third-parties or other information such as trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement or recommendation by the editor of ProjetVoyage, its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and licensor. In addition, the website can provide links to other websites through automated searches, but these websites are not under the cotrol of ProjetVoyage. The User agrees ProjetVoyage is not responsible for the accuracy, the content, respect of copyrights or any other aspects of the linked websites.


  1. The right of ProjetVoyage to intervene

5.1.ProjetVoyage is not obliged to verify the information posted or sent on the website. However, anyone using the website agrees that ProjetVoyage shall periodically check the content of the website, (1) to comply with any legislation, regulation or request from the authorities; (2) to properly operate the website or protect itself or its users; (3) for any other reason, in its sole discretion.

5.2.ProjetVoyage reserves the right to modify, delete or not accept any information if ProjetVoyage considers, in its sole discretion, that the information is unacceptable or infringing.


6.Personal Data

6.1.The User of ProjetVoyage agrees that his name, email as well as the phone number, as provided in the travel inquiry form, will be sent to some of the Travel Agencies registered on ProjetVoyage, in order for the User to receive the travel propositions requested, including the Travel Agencies located outside the European Union, the European Economic Area or those Travel Agencies whose head office is located in countries which do not offer enough protection, as recognized by a decision of the European Commission.

6.2.Only the name, the email and the phone number of the User will be processed by ProjetVoyage.

6.3.ProjetVoyage will only be responsible for the processing of those data mentioned at article 6, paragraph 6.2., previously stipulated and will not be held responsible, in any way, for the data provided by the User to the Travel Agencies.

6.4.The User has the right to access, modify and oppose to his/her personal data.  

6.5.The User has the right to get, on demand, free of charge, within the limits to one demand per year, the confirmation regarding the processing of his/her personal data.

6.6.The User has the right to get information regarding: the end of the processing of his/her personal data, the categories of collected data, the recipient of the data, the mechanism of automatic data-processing, the operating conditions and/or opposition on the data.

6.7. In order to get all information mentioned above, the User will send to, a written request, dated and signed.

6.8. The User has the right to request, free of charge the following:

  1. to rectify, update, block or delete the data that are processed in breach of the law;
  2. to oppose to the processing or the disclosure of his/her data for the purpose of direct marketing

6.9. The rights and obligations of Users and ProjetVoyage as Data operator are supplemented by the legal provisions in force.



7.1.ProjetVoyage is an intermediary between the User (the internet user having sent the travel inquiry on the platform) and the Travel Agencies registered on the platform. ProjetVoyage will not be held responsible in the case of fraudulent use of the travel platform, or in case of malfunction of the platform.

7.2.ProjetVoyage declines all responsibility concerning all prejudice arising from the use of the website, while concerning the inaccuracies mentioned on the website and on all the websites to which its pages send.

7.3.ProjetVoyage, its directors, officers, employees, members or representatives are not responsible of the quality of the travel propositions sent by the Travel Agencies, of all the ordering activities and delivery of services.

7.4.ProjetVoyage will not be held responsible for the conclusion of the contract between the Travel Agency and the User or for the implementation modalities of the contracts. ProjetVoyage will not act as an mediator between the Travel Agency and the User and will not have any authority, responsibility or involvement in regard to the relations established between the Travel Agency and the User, other than those mentioned in the present Terms of Use. The Visitor uses the travel platform at its own risk.


8.Copyright notice and trademarks

8.1. The reproduction of all element on the website or any content of the website, other than those explicitly mentioned in the document is strictly forbidden. The use of all documents and graphics associated as well as all element provided on this website is subject to the present General Terms.


  1. Other copyright notice

9.1. The prohibition in Article 8 also applies to the other copyright notices that concern the data provided by third-parties, used to create the internet service.


  1. Contract

10.1.In order to get more information regarding the legal issues in the present Terms of Use, or other issues or problems regarding the services offered by ProjetVoyage, the User can contact ProjetVoyage by sending an email at


11.Governing Law and Jurisdiction

11.1.The present Terms of Use will be governed by and construed in accordance with the Romanian laws. All litigation will be submitted to a competent court of ProjetVoyage’s headquarters. The license agreements governing the use of third-party elements on the website can contain provisions requiring the intervention of foreign courts to resolve disputes related to these agreements. When the user has received information obtained from a third-party, a logo or another indication will appear.


12.Final provisions

12.1.Unless otherwise specified in the present document, this is the only agreement concluded between the User and ProjetVoyage, with regard to the website, it supersedes and replaces all current or previous communications and information (whether oral, written or by electronic means) related to the website between the User and ProjetVoyage, its parent and associated companies or licensor. If a part of these Terms of Use is considered invalid or innaplicable, they should be interpreted according to the law, in order to better reflect the parties and the rest of the Terms of Use shall remain in force.

12.2.The use of this website involves the full acceptance by the Users of the full terms and conditions and notices contained or quoted in the present document. These Terms of Use only apply to this website and its services, and to no other third-party website.

12.3.The use of the ProjetVoyage travel platform is not allowed unless the full acceptance of the present Terms of Use.

12.4. ProjetVoyage reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to update or edit the present Terms of Use. If this is the case, the Users will be notified, par l’intermède de la plateforme, of this change. In cas the User disagrees, he/she will stop using the travel platform.

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