Danube Delta – the paradise of birds in Europe

Oiseaux dans le Delta du Danube Roumanie

One of the most unusual and amazing places to visit in Romania is the Danube Delta, located 300 km East of  Bucharest and easily reachable from the city of Tulcea.


The Danube Delta is the place to be for all nature and bird lovers. Part of the UNESCO heritage since 1991, the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation brings together over 1830 tree and plant species, over 2440 insect species, 91 mollusc species, 11 reptile species, 10 amphibian species, 320 bird species and 44 mammal species and 133 fish species.


How to get to the Danube Delta?

Whilst you can always choose to stay in a village that is easily reachable by car and from where you can book day boat trips to the Danube Delta, the true experience is spending a few days in an actually remote village where you can only get by boat.

One of these remote villages is Crisan, inhabited by around 1200 people. To Crisan, one can only get by taking the boat that leaves every day at 13h30 from Tulcea to Sulina. The boat is operated by NAVROMDELTA and is a sort of a waterbus, used by the tourists as well as locals.


The Danube Delta is the place where you will find yourself in the middle of nature, where people and animals are able to cohabit in perfect harmony. Whether you choose to stay in a nice hotel, a B&B, a floating hotel or with a host family, your experience  will be as authentic as it can get, thanks to the scenery, the local specificity and the authenticity of the locals.


Another important feature of this destination is the excellent local gastronomy, almost exclusively based on fresh fish, caught by the local fishermen or vegetables cultivated in their gardens.


Danube Delta is one of the destinations not to skip, when travelling in Eastern Europe.

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