Transhumancias is a French travel agency based in Peru, Lima, specialized in the creation of exclusive and customizable travel in South America (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina). The trips we propose are the result of 20 years of exploration of the Peruvian and South American territory, meetings and knowledge collected from different local communities.
Our philosophy is based on “slow tourism”, traveling without time out but with the time to enjoy the places crossed. The sites are visited in the opposite direction of the majority of the agencies in order to avoid as much as possible the hours of great affluence and the mass tourist flows.
We want to provide a unique experience for our travelers by introducing them to places that are still little known. For example, we are the only ones to offer exploratory expeditions to the Q’ero, communities that have most preserved the way of life and culture of the Andean communities of the Inca Empire.
Finally, we defend a responsible and truly ethical tourism, where our arrival benefits the development of the many families with whom we work.

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