Congo’s Travel Agency is a travel agency created in 2010, based at the airport of Brazzaville, at the airport and city center, it is a strategic platform of exchanges putting in relation airline companies, Tour operator, the Service providers, Insurance companies and the Customers. We make every effort to surprise you and fill you in your journeys in family or in individual but also to make you discover the differences which make the wealth of the world.

To appeal in Congo’s Travel Agency unquestionably to avoid every intermediary while inclining prices(prizes) faithful to the rates of airline companies but also to have advice of the informed people who know the country better than whoever and who will build more quickly and at best your journey.

Indeed, Congo Travel’s advisers knowing perfectly the ground, can create your own journey on Congolese territory, the African continent and the rest of the world. Taking into account your rhythm of journey, the number of days when you wish, sites and activities wished, for your budget and for your desires, your adviser will build with you the journey of your dreams.

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