Chrissima Tours is an Italian travel agency specializing in “charme and luxe” customized journey throughout the Boot. CHRIS – SIM – A: the initial of the founder, associated with the initials of her children’s name. Welcome to Chrissima Tours! Its dynamic and experienced staff will organize your “ perfect holiday”. Our slogan is : “the world is like a book and “voyages” are its beautiful pages which reveal it. Travel is the main source of our emotions, but its success requires a clean and meticulous preparation that is achieved with great passion and dedication. Our travel experts are very professional in their work and above all are always available to best meet the needs and the demand of our clients thanks to our knowledge of the territory full of history, culture, art and nature. We are attentive to your wishes so may suit you the best. We are available to share our experience by advising you on the best itineraries, activities and periods for each region. We are constantly looking for new and original activities to offer our clients. We assist you during your stay 24/7.

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