Our deep, genuine passion for people and limitless knowledge and love of the African Continent, encourages and drives us to always provide the better overall experience and connection between our guests and all things while visiting Africa. We offer a multitude of different Touring and Safari packages in a multitude of different areas, breathtaking landscapes, points of overwhelming interest and fascinating history on this southern section of Africa. Our tours and Safaris cover a vast range of possible interests and activities for all to enjoy.

Visits outside of South Africa to Mozambique and Swaziland can very easily be included on your itinerary. This is true client based customization with ABC. There with you from the very start! We believe that excitement and satisfaction should be experienced from word go! We take pride in going that extra mile in all aspects of your travel arrangements, making it as simple as learning your ABC’s.

We treat all of our clients and guests as VIP’s but those looking for added security personnel or measures taken throughout your visit to Southern Africa, we will gladly accomodate all your extra or special needs and requirements.

Our company adds no surcharges or supplementary fees to our published or quoted prices, something many other tour companies do, and includes many things in the rates others add on, like park entrance fees, and all bottled water on drives and tours.

For myself at the end of the day everything we offer and accomplish with our guests, be it wonderful memories experienced and times thouroughly enjoyed by all, young, old, big or small, on our tours it comes down to confidence. Just as you might seek out the best possible surgeon for an operation or the best architect to design your home, let us look after you when you visit Southern Africa!

Kind and best regards always.

All the staff from ABC Tours and Safaris Africa.

We hope there is peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in the best hands and have a true expert in your corner.

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